About Me

I’m a web developer with over 13 years commercial experience in developing web applications and web services.

I have had an interest in programming since a young age and achieved distinction grades for programming related modules I studied at college. I knew then that programming was something I was interested in and wanted to pursue as a career. I work from home after we extended our home to encompass an office, it is great being around my family (wife and our two children) where I have an excellent life/work balance.

I started programming in the 90s using Basic, moving onto Pascal, Visual Basic, HTML, PHP, ASP.NET (C#) and Java, before being given my first full-time developer role in 2004 where I spent two years working as a web developer for a travel agency, responsible for redesigning, developing and maintaining their three websites (sun, cruise and ski holidays). As the sole developer, I integrated 3rd party APIs from the flight, hotel and transfer providers into the agencies websites, allowing users to tailor make their holiday and book online. I was a full-stack developer, creating user interfaces in Photoshop, converting them to HTML/CSS and implementing server-side technologies to add dynamic features.

I became a self-employed freelance developer in 2006, initially working with several travel agencies, utilising my skills and past experiences to help them with their online presence. I have worked with local and national businesses applying my full-stack skills to build anything from email newsletters to bespoke web applications and web services. I’ve had the pleasure of working on projects for AVG Anti-Virus, Unilever, Blackberry, Jack Daniels, Birmingham City FC, Slendertone, Capita SIMs, Capita Children’s Services, and Car Giant.

I am primarily a backend developer where I utilise PHP, Java and more recently, ASP.NET Core to build responsive web applications, intranets and web services. My experience using the full-stack allows me to delve into other areas where needed.

I am a little OCD for clean code; I can find myself spending far too much time reformatting other peoples work. I have an eye for detail, and like my work to be clean, uncluttered, well structured and commented.

As well as studying a BTEC National Diploma in Computer Studies when I was younger, I have also completed a Degree in Education and Training and a Masters Degree in Computing (Software Engineering).

During my many years of being a web developer, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and understanding of design patterns (MVC, Domain Driven Design, Strategy, Factory…), development processes (Waterfall, Agile) and development principles and I can apply these to my work. I can analyse a client’s needs and utilise measurable requirements, use case diagrams & scenarios, communication and operation diagrams and class diagrams to design appropriate solutions that not only meet the client’s requirements but are also stable, robust, manageable and expandable.

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