Bailo LMS

When I was completing my Education Degree and teaching web development in College, I was regularly tasked with using Moodle, a system which allows delivery of online courses.

I found was that although Moodle was great, it was full of features and way over-complicated for the simple delivery of courses within an organisation.

I worked with a local company who specialised in developing SCORM compliant online courses to build Bailo Learning Management System.

The idea behind the learning management system was that it was to be very easy to use, and very specific in the features it would offer. I developed Bailo LMS to operate as a single instance that could handle multiple organisations and multiple courses (Saas).

Some of the features of the learning management system included;

  • Ability to create groups, users and assign users to groups. You could then add courses to a group and members of different groups would gain access to different courses
  • Upload SCORM compliant courses
  • Track user progress throughout the course
  • View reports showing user progress and completion rates
  • Issue certificates to users once a course had been completed

Like in many situations, there is always software available to perform a given task, but when you want that software to work a specific way, you are occasionally required to develop a bespoke application. In doing so, I created an easy to use system specifically aimed at a particular target audience.

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