Opportunity Log

I developed Opportunity Log for my own use, it was designed to be a simple lead management system operating as Software As A Service (one system handling multiple instances).

It allows companies to signup for a free trial, and pay a monthly subscription to continue using the application after the free trial. It gave small business a simple way of keeping track of leads, providing the ability to create new leads, accept leads from a web site enquiry form, assign leads to sales agents, update lead with notes, alerts and files. A dashboard provides an overview of the leads in the system.

I completed this project and used it daily myself, however due to demand from my clients I have been unable to assign resources to marketing the application further. It hasn’t been a waste of time though, I still use it today, a small number of other businesses use it too, and I got the chance to try out a few new web development techniques which I’ve also applied to other projects since this one.

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