Asset Management System

Digital Asset Management System, or DAM for short is a web based digital asset tracking system. It’s used by a number of companies to track images, graphics and documents. It provides a searchable database of assets with the ability to download the original document, or download a resized version if it’s an image file. Think of it as an enterprise-class stock photo system.

In order to make this system more usable for the end user, it creates thumbnail screenshots from images, PDF files, word documents and video files. It was a challenging task to create screenshots from all of these different file times, but I did it.

I can’t take all the credit for this system, the client had already started the development of this project before asking me to take over. The code provided to was a real mess and used very little OOP, which for a system of this size seemed totally bizare. I had no idea how the existing system worked, and found that I needed to reserve engineer the system. Working with the client we figured it out, and although it wasn’t developed the way we would have done (no use of MVC), we completed the project and have since managed development of this project for the last 4 to 5 years, adding new features and customising each instance for individual clients.

Features I developed in this project included quick and advanced search, albums creation, saved searches for future use, document history tracking (keeping old version of files for download), and the ability to download a complete album in zip format.

This project is a prime example of myself working with an existing system to create a usable end product.

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