HTML, CSS & Javascript

A Web developer who has many years of experience building responsive, accessible web applications and websites.

I’m primarily a backend developer, working with PHP and Java to create robust web applications and web services. During my many years as a web developer, I’ve developed a good sound knowledge of all things web, including HTML, CSS and Javascript.

My role as a web developer has found me becoming skilled in the full-stack, and as a result, I’ve become highly competent at creating responsive websites which utilise HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery and the Bootstrap framework.

In my early days of being a web developer, websites were built using tables to provide a visual structure to a page, things progressed, and CSS provided us with a way to separate styling and content. As time has passed, I have continued to keep up to date with the various frontend technologies and apply these to my work when I am tasked with projects which require me to be involved in the development of the frontend.

My skills and experience have allowed me to build email newsletters which render appropriately in all major email clients, and web pages or application interfaces which are visually appealing and respond to the different screen sizes available today.

Over the years, I have created hundreds of websites for clients, ranging from simple one-page websites to complex multi-page responsive websites with parallax effects, slideshows, calendars, popups, and various 3rd party plugins. I have experience using libraries such as jQuery, Fancybox, Lightbox, Flexslider, Font Awesome, Google Fonts and many others.

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