PHP Development

Shaun is an experienced PHP developer near Newcastle who has spent the last 13 years developing well designed and well-built web applications and web services.

I have been creating applications with PHP from the early days of PHP and have experienced PHP develop from a scripting language into a fairly fully-fledged programming language with OOP support.

Over the years, I have worked with a diverse client base, and as a result, I have been lucky to have worked on many different types of PHP projects. I have developed simple solutions from single page data collection forms, to content management systems, lead management systems, web services and APIs, invoicing systems and learning management tools. Some of the examples are relatively simple and involve very little in terms of OOP understanding and design principles, while other more complex projects have required a great deal of experience and knowledge to overcome problems posed by the complexity of the project.

My experience as a PHP developer leads me to use several tools and frameworks, including Laravel, Lumen, Slim, Git, Docker, Entity Framework, Spring Boot and PHPStorm. I’ve worked with several 3rd party tools, including but not limited to Magento, WordPress and Moodle, however, I do not regularly work with these tools and concentrate more on bespoke PHP development and web services.

Laravel is my preferred PHP framework. Laravel provides much functionality out of the box, which helps to reduce the amount of development time needed for a project so the time can be assigned to other tasks to help create better web applications. It utilises the MVC design pattern to create a clear separation between application layers. The availability of excellent documentation allows other developers to work on a project where necessary.

Utilising my skill and experience I apply suitable development processes, design principles and design patterns to each project to create web applications and web services that are stable, perform well, are well built, easily maintainable and easy to expand.

Based in County Durham in the North-East of England, I serve clients all the surrounding areas, including Newcastle while many of my clients are based in Milton Keynes and Bedford areas.

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